Service Agreements

SERVICE AGREEMENTS Starting at just $250

Residential Service Agreements
Did you know that your plumbing, heating and cooling equipment and systems require yearly maintenance? Having your equipment checked annually will lower your utility cost and extend the life of your equipment. We want our customers to fully understand the importance and benefits of the service agreement program.

Technical Benefits

Saves money every month. Equipment not properly maintained will use more energy and will cost you money each month. Efficiency can drop up to 60% if not maintained yearly.

Extends the life of your equipment. Equipment not properly maintained will have a shorter life expectancy. Some manufacturers suggest a 50% reduced life expectancy.

Provides a safer environment. Each year illness and even death occurs due to Carbon Monoxide. Freon in air conditioners and heat pumps has been determined by the Government to delete our earth’s ozone level. We will perform safety checks that will help protect your health and the environment.

Additional Benefits

Preferred status. You will receive service priority over non-service agreement customers.

You name goes to the top of the list!

24 Hour Emergency Response. You will receive instructions on how to contact our message center after hours, weekends and holidays should an emergency arise.

Repair Discounts. You will receive our "Value Rate Pricing" for all repairs and services.

Transferable. The agreement may be transferred to a new homeowner without charge.

Extended Parts & Labor Warranty on Repairs. Extended parts warranty includes our labor to repair or replace defective parts that we furnished and installed for initial repair.

Our Heating & Cooling Service Agreement provides you with:

  • One heating service & tune-up per year
  • One cooling service & tune-up per year

Our Plumbing Service Agreement provides you with one inspection per year which includes:

  • Safety inspection of your water heater
  • Inspection of the condition of your plumbing system & fixtures
  • A full check up for health and safety hazards relating to the plumbing system

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